Web Design Prices

Design Team web design packages will  meet the needs of most businesses. We have also listed the line-item cost of each element so you may feel free to add on or take out services to ultimately develop the perfect website plan for your needs.

Take a look at the options below, and please contact us with any comments or questions you may have. And as soon as you’re ready to move forward with your site, just let us know. We look forward to working with you!

Basic WordPress Home Page – Starts at $540

  • Basic WordPress starts with a beautiful, responsive home page template that can be customized to use unique stock images and color choices for your business. This home page is only $540, including customization and the purchase of the first year’s domain registration.
  • Home page is included. Optional additional pages are only $90-$180 per page and can be added at anytime.
  • An optional interactive contact form is included to send form results directly to email.
  • Built to be search engine-friendly.
  • Manual submission to Google & Bing is included.
  • Responsive Design is Included, effectively Including a Mobile Version for No Additional Charge
  • Hosting is only $20 Per Month for a standard site or $35 per month for Advanced/Wordpress hosting
  • A la carte Features for Customized Plans & Pricing
  • E-Commerce and/or SEO/Marketing Plans are Available to Add On

Small Business WordPress Package – $1,200 Total

  • Completely Custom Website Design with Any Look You Desire (up to 3 design revisions while in the mockup phase)
  • Professional Writer for Keyword-Rich Home Page Text
  • Three Sub Pages (Entire Site Up to Four Pages)
  • Optional Additional Pages Only $90-$180 Each and Can be Added at Anytime
  • Interactive Contact Form to Go Straight to Email
  • Built to be Search Engine-Friendly
  • Manual Submission to Search Engines
  • Responsive Design is Included, effectively Including a Mobile Version for No Additional Charge
  • Hosting is only $20 Per Month for a standard site or $35 per month for Advanced/Wordpress hosting
  • Add or Remove Features for Customized Plans & Pricing
  • E-Commerce and/or SEO/Marketing Plans are Available to Add On
  • Interactive Contact Form

Business Essentials WordPress Package – $1,999

  • Everything in Small Business Plan
  • Custom Animation / Slideshow
  • Eight Page Site

Business Premium WordPress Package – $2,590

  • Everything in Business Plus Plan
  • Professional Writer for All Eight Pages
  • Advanced layout of subpages


Complete “A La Carte” Price List

Sometimes you just need to do your own thing! Here we have our main services listed by price so you can pick and choose what works best for you.

Non-profit Discounts – 10% Off Home Page
We love working with non-profit organizations, and we’ll give all non-profits 10% off the price of the home page design.

Repeat Customer Discounts – 10% Off Home Page
Any of our clients who hire us for a second (or third or fourth…) site will receive 10% off the price of the home page design.

Domain Names – $15.00 to $30.00 per year
A one-year domain name registration is included in the purchase of any web page, and we register it in your name, not ours. Alternately, you may use your existing domain name if you already have one. Additional domain names may be purchased for only $30 each per year. A forwarding hosting account is only $1 per additional domain name per month for existing hosting customers. Renewal rates are $30 each per year unless you are already using a higher priced registration company.

Logo Development – $500
An attractive company name graphic is included as part of a website design for no additional charge. Alternately, high-resolution, print-ready logo development is available from talented, brand-management specialists starting at $500. Getting a professional logo at the same time as a website? We’ll discount the logo price to only $400!

Basic WordPress Home Page – $540.00
Ask about our new template option for an economical home page!

Simple Custom WordPress Blog Site – $630.00
There are many free blogging websites out there, such as Blogger.com, WordPress.com, and others. However, if you’d like more control over your blog site, you may wish to have a web designer set up a customized blog for you.

Deluxe Custom WordPress Home Page – $1200.00
When we create a custom design, we start with an interview to understand your goals and target audience, then a designer will create a mockup of what we intend for your website to look like. You will have the opportunity to offer feedback before your design is converted into a top quality website. This price includes having a professional writer develop search engine-friendly text for the home page.

Sub Pages – $90.00 to $180.00
Whether you get a Budget Home Page or a Custom Design, you can add on as many sub pages as you’d like, whenever you’d like. They take about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the complexity of the page. (Simple pages with a single column of text and just a few photos are only $90; more complex layouts with multiple columns are $180.)

Custom Animation – $199.00
Custom animation is a nice way to add a little movement to spice up any web page. Complex animations may be more, but most basic animations are only $199.

Professional Writers – Included / $150 per page
You can provide the exact text you desire on your own. However, if you need a professional to make your content be the best it can be, you may wish to use one of our seasoned professional writers. We include professionally-written, search engine-friendly text for the home page of every site we build. You can hire our writer for $150 for as many or as few additional pages as you’d like.

Professional Proofreading – $20.00 per page
If you’d like to write your own text, but you need a little help, you may wish to use one of our proofreaders. For only $20 per page, you get a professional to check on your spelling, grammar, and syntax.

Professional Photography – $90.00 per hour
Professional photography is available starting at $150 per hour with a two hour minimum. (Keep in mind that some of the time spent will be in post production type file preparation.)

Royalty-Free Photos – Included or $10+
Photos used in the design of the site are included in the price of the design. However, if you would like additional royalty-free photos for use in the content area of your site, we can provide them for you for only $10 each or at cost, based on the stock image library actual costs. (Extra large images are $20 each.)

Search Engine Submission – Included
For the best search-engine results, we will hand-submit your completed website to Google and Bing.

Search Engine Work – Included or Add-on
We build every website to be search engine-friendly by putting appropriate keywords in appropriate places and building the site in the way that search engines like to see (such as making the main text indexable as text rather than flattening text into a graphic). When your site goes live, we will also hand-submit your completed website to Google and Bing. Still need better search enging ranking? We also offer full Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management Marketing Plans.

Facebook & Twitter Links – Included
To help get your site a little immediate notice while the search engines are still indexing the keywords in your site, we will post your link on the Griffin Web Design Facebook and Twitter pages. If you have your own social media accounts, we will add those links to your website at the time of the initial build for no additional charge.

Facebook Fan Page or Other Social Media Account Setup – $250.00 each
If you’d like your own Facebook Business Page, Twitter account, or other coordinated social media account, we can set that up for you, including a custom graphics to coordinate with the look of your website. We also offer full Social Media Management Marketing Plans that include this custom setup.

Website Hosting – $20.00-$35.00 per month (ecommerce not included)
See our Hosting page for details.

Interactive Web Forms – $5.00 per form field
Interactive forms can be added to any web page (or a new page can be created for $90). The form will include a technology called CAPTCHA to detract spammers. The price of the form is only $5.00 per form field.

E-Commerce – $100.00 to $2000.00
See our e-commerce page for details.

SSL Certificates – $120 for one year
If you are receiving credit card information or other sensitive data on your website, you need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate to make it secure. SSL Certificates are provided by third party vendors, and we can get one for you for $120 per year.

MLS Integration – $1,800 flat rate setup
Are you a realtor who needs to display listings that are pulled directly from the MLS? We can help with that. The fee may vary slightly from state to state, depending on the local MLS system.

Custom Programming – $90 per hour or quoted flat rate
Need special functionality? Our programmers are top-notch. Estimates are for free. Detailed project requirement gathering and finalization of quotes be are completed during phase one of the project based on the estimated quote given.

Additional Work By the Hour – $70.00
We offer web design, graphic design, web maintenance, photography, content-writing, public speaking, training, or consulting for only $90 per hour. A quarter hour minimum ($22.50) applies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We guarantee your satisfaction! See our Terms of Service for details.